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Remember Lancome’s Juicy tubes?  I collected them in high school purely for the yummy scents and for their novelty.


Well Lancome is totally reinventing their ever popular lip glosses and releasing Juicy Shakers!  How adorable is the design??  Like a cocktail shaker…!


And just like a cocktail shaker, you can shake it up before you use it.  It is a two phase formula of nourishing oils and color pigment.  If you use it before shaking it, you will just get the oil portion that provides a lovely sheen and slight color….if you want a blend of both pigment and shine, shake it up!!  They each have their unique flavors reminiscent of our favorite adult beverages.  How fun!


It should be available April 11th online at Lancome and all their counters by April 21st.

Images courtesy of Lancome