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Yea, it’s the dead of winter, but I’m already picking out my swimwear for the summer!   The latest trend I’ve been seeing all is an Aussie import….no, not Uggs…but Triangl swimwear!  Beyonce rocks a top in her “Run the World” video…


And model slash reality star, Kendall Jenner, has been spotted out paddle boarding in the hot swimwear as well!


What’s so special about Triagl?  Well their suits are made of neoprene, otherwise known as scuba material.  It stretches and conforms to fit all body shapes.  Not to mention the bold lines and colors makes Triagl’s look very unique and eye catching!

The con is that the ship rate is sort of high at a flat $20 as they ship from Australia.  They will waive the fee again if you need to exchange for a different design/size if you are not satisfied with what you ordered. I am debating getting one, maybe it’ll bring me out of the winter funk!