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It’s a balmy 2 degrees in Chicago today…Fahrenheit that is.  Side note, I just learned the US, the Bahamas, Belize and the Caymen Islands are the only countries to still use the Fahrenheit scale.  (Just downloaded the Triva Crack app on my phone, you should too).

Anyhoo, if you live in wintry weather, you may have noticed instead a sea of Uggs, you are seeing these super colorful and fun furry boots on every female (maybe some men) now.  They are Sorels and though they’ve been around since 1962, this Canadian company has made it’s way over here big time (at least I’ve just recently noticed for the past few winters).

I wanted to buy some online last year during the infamous Polar Vortex but they were sold out everywhere.  I learned my lesson and bought mine this Fall before most people’s thoughts of snow and cold and…I love them!  They are super warm and although I haven’t trekked through serious deep snow yet, they are waterproof.  That’s more than I can say about my Uggs, which I love for warmth, but not for any type of moisture.  The best part is, I love the fun colors!  It’s nice to see some bright colors amidst the backdrop of dirty snow and black northface jackets.  There’s a nice selection online now, just cross your fingers for your size!

These are mine!


Love the colors!

sorel3 sorel2 sorel

sorel6 sorel5

Thinking of getting these…!