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Fall is upon us and the air is crisp.  Before we store away our fun summer clothes and drag out the drab chunky winter clothes, let’s make sure we have the fun essentials needed to brighten up our fall/winter wardrobe!

1. Infinity scarf – a totally necessary accessory that is not only practical but goes with any outfit!









2.  Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote – Just yea. Get it.  This LV isn’t about style, it’s about utility.  This bad boy is a classic and will last you decades to come.


3. Chambray shirt – are these out of style yet?  No?  Great.  LOVE chambray shirts, you can wear them with a skirt, under a sweater or over a tank.  They just go with EVERYTHING!

















4. Ankle boots – Yes yes, of course I know about tall riding boots, but I also love the ankle boots look.  Paired with some skinny jeans or leggings and you got yourself one chic outfit!  Don’t forget a top of course!

fall75.  Puffy vest – Too cold for just a long sleeved?  Not cold enough for a winter jacket?    Puffy vest to the rescue!  Hey and it looks goooood!  I love this look for layering!