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As we all try to mentally scrub Miley Cyrus’ performance from our minds, here are some of my picks of the best and worst dressed of the night!

Let’s start with worst.

Ok this may be an unpopular choice for WORST dressed since Taylor actually looks great. But Taylor, you’re 23!  This is the time to wear fun and young outfits.  Save the pageant gowns and demure looks for your 30s!

Of course, Taylor’s bestie is also suffering from the same problem.  I think this Versace is too high fashion for the young 21 year-old Selena.  There is a way to be stylish and chic but still look young and fresh…even sexy since that’s what I think these young chicas are trying to go for.  But I see this look more on an Angelina Jolie.  Sorry Selena!

Not sure what this look is all about…looks like she made it herself.  Not good since I’m guessing she didn’t…

Sarah Hylund of ABC’s Modern Family….eh pass!  It’s like a figure skating costume gone wrong.  Perhaps it would look better on someone of a taller stature…it cuts her body off too many times.


One of my favorite dresses of the night.  Ellie Goulding got it RIGHT.  It’s edgy and cool yet feminine.  It’s totally a fun dress that’s perfect for the VMA’s.  And her hair and makeup are on point, keeping it light to show off the amazing dress.

I personally love this make-under of Lady Gaga.  For her, this is a very understated look but somehow, this dress still captures the Gaga essence.  No crazy makeup, wigs or props to distract from this unique dress.

Loving this look.  The leather and accessories keep the dress edgy and Jennifer Hudson has never looked better.  THIS is what Selena or Taylor should’ve worn.