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So yesterday was the annual Billboard Music Awards and it was packed with the usual mega pop stars of today.  Who wore it best?  Who should’ve just stayed in and watched on the couch like the rest of us?

Let’s start with the wtf

This is actually Ke$ha dressing down from her usual crazy outfits but I will take that over this anyday.  Obsene.

See I normally love J.Lo.  But I feel like she’s worn dresses like this over and over again.  If it was a shorter dress, she would look like a Olympic figure skater going for the gold!  Tacky.

Miley Cyrus…um.  It’s definitely a “look” but I feel that she is so young and should have fun with it. She is aging herself by a decade.

Jennifer Morrison…just no words.


Yes finally Taylor!  She dressing how Miley should be dressing.  Young, fun and glam at the same time without being too risque.  I love this dress and it works perfectly with the event.

Selena Gomez.  Wow…I am borderline obsessed with this dress.  I love everything about this.  It’s Atelier Versace from Spring 2013 and I just can’t get over the neon  lining the white gown.  The design is interesting but it doesn’t overwhelm Selena.  It’s sexy and young at the same time.  Love!