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My next splurge I think will be a Le Creuset dutch oven.  Every single cooking show uses them I swear.  It’s like a not so subliminal message, buy me and you can cook like me!  But seriously, I’ve heard awesome things about them, it’s basically top notch…the Louis Vuitton of cookware!  Enameled-coated cast iron perfect for soups, stews, slow cooking meats, braising…anything really!  I love that you can transfer from the stove top directly into the oven for roasting!

I think I will get the 5 qt in the cherry red color but it will be tough since there are so many purtyyy colors available!  I seriously drooled when I saw the selection at Macy’s.


They make mini ones too!  Oh em gee!

Mini Cocottes set with Cookbook

Edit:  After I wrote this post, I ended up going to the Le Creuset outlet store and they had exactly what I was looking for!  A beautiful cherry red 5 qt dutch oven that was $50 bucks less than retail and an additional 25% off!  I saved myself almost $100!

They call it LeCreuset “Seconds” which means there’s a tiny cosmetic defect so it couldn’t make it to retail but nothing wrong that could affect the cooking.  Some defects are so tiny, you wouldn’t even notice with the naked eye.  Mine looked perfect from what I saw!  If you live anywhere near one, I highly recommend checking it out before trying to pay full price!  I also got a matching round cocotte to put my salt in.  I’m super happy with my purchases, I can’t wait to start cooking!!!