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So my current obsession is the food blog, SoDelushious by Chrissy Teigen.  

She’s the fiance of singer John Legend and a Sports Illustrated model who happens to be a huge foodie and by the looks of her blog, a great chef!  When she’s not modeling in exotic places or arm candy to John Legend at top events, she loves to review restaurants she gets to try during her travels and show off her really awesome recipe finds.  She is a hilarious writer and you can tell she’s super passionate about food (she enrolled in cooking school!).  If you guys get some downtime, go back and read all her posts like I did this weekend!  Anyway, I will be trying a few recipes that I found interesting in her blog in the next few weeks and hopefully sharing them here!  Here’s a simple recipe she learned in cooking school that’s super versatile and also makes for a great gift idea!  Vanilla sugar!