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Have you ever looked at some current trends and fashion statements and just think, why would anyone wear that?  But then you see it enough where you become desensitized and start thinking it may be cute?  Yes this has happened to me many times (i.e Uggs).  I guess all trends have to start somewhere, but here are some current ones I’m seeing…..FUGS OR NOT?

Sperry Top Sider Cormorant Rubber Slip-On

I’m on the fence here.  On one hand, they are super fugs in pictures, but I saw someone wear these recently, and I thought they looked sort of cute and different from your typical rain boots.  The pop of pink gives it some style as well…..NOT FUGS!

Ombre Hair


I’ve tried to accept this trend, but let’s keep it real.  You were too lazy to redye your hair.  FUGS!


I love leggings as much as the next person, but girlfriends, wear a tunic or shirt to cover your crotch/butt, no one wants to see that.  Leggings, yes.  Leggings as pants…FUGS


While we’re on the subject of leggings, how about male leggings?  FUGS, enough said.

Lensless Glasses

Sure America first saw these big lensless glasses on NBA stars last year, but the trend most likely started in Asia (as with most wtf trends) by hoards of Japanese girls anxious to unleash their inner nerds!  My take?  NOT FUGS, anything that someone can wear to make them look smarter is a plus in my book!

Spiked Heels

I’m also on the fence on these footed weapons.  I feel like they can be pulled off with the proper outfit.  It’s definitely OK to add a bit of edge to your look especially for a night out, but be careful not to cover yourself in TOO much spikes, you don’t want to end up looking like a human hedgehog!  NOT FUGS!

Source: ladiesoutfitters.com