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Where am I?

Bet you didn’t guess I was in Northeast China…Harbin, China to be exact!

Once under Russian rule and located closer to Siberia than Beijing, this bitterly cold “Ice City” is known as the “Oriental Moscow” or the “Paris of China”. The city was also once considered the fashion capital of China as its location gave Harbin the latest access to Paris fashion, before even reaching Shanghai.

But besides its interesting architecture and food culture which is mixed in with Russian and other European influences, Harbin is well known for it’s world famous ice sculptures (we’re talking full-size buildings!) at their annual International Ice and Snow Festival which is taking place right now.  And when the over month long festival is over?  They bring out ice-axes for anyone who wants some free ice destroying fun!

Looks like Harbin, the 40th largest city in the world (2nd if in the US), is a truly unique place to visit!