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Human nature allows us to make goals all the time, it’s a part of what makes us tick. We strive when we try to better ourselves and see the results. As casual as what some New Year’s resolutions may seem to be, it is the execution that makes all the difference in our lives. We all want to eat better, have new experiences and be better people for our loved ones. As corny as it may seem, New Year’s resolutions are a true reflection of who we are and who we want to become. My next resolution is another common one, new experiences. The most obvious way is to…

Travel More

As much as I love habits and daily routine (I am a creature of comfort and non-change), everybody can benefit from seeing new places and seeing how other people in the world live their lives. We live in a small world yes, but a very diverse one. There is war and despair in many places, but there is also happiness everywhere and we owe it to ourselves to see a little bit of that all around the world.

This year, I plan to make a few trips. The big one is a tour around Asia. I think in the new year or even at some point in all our lives, we should explore where generations of our families have come from. There’s a true sense of belonging and being “back” that is unexplainable.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Beijing, China


Ko Samui, Thailand