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Happy 2013 to all!  Now that we’re back to the grind, what’s on everybody’s minds?  New Year resolutions of course.  While we fight the crowds at the gym for the next few months, what are some beneficial resolutions we can all work on?

Eating Well

I think the biggest mistake people make is the all or nothing mentality.  Most people, no matter the body size, can all afford to eat a little healthier without totally banishing a whole food group or depriving oneself of something they love.  We just set ourselves up for failure.  Part of life’s enjoyment is eating (at least for me) and we all deserve to eat what we love.  But everything in moderation is key.  Slowly replace a few items in your daily eating routine with healthier choices.


Maybe greek yogurt with some fruit instead of sugary cereal for breakfast.   A side of mixed greens with olive oil as a side with your lunch instead of fries.  Add more vegetables to your stir-fry for dinner.

Soon enough, these replacements become a part of your routine.  Instead of deprivation, think about additions and options in your diet.  Change the “I can’t” motto of most diets and instead use “I can eat but I don’t want to.”

More tomorrow…