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So in my last post, I was going to reveal my favorite BB cream brand from the four I tried recently.  Which topped my list?  Stila, Dr. Jart, Dior or Maybelline??  Here are my thoughts…

Dr Jart $39.00

I noticed the consistency was thick.  Almost like a full on lotion, with no scent.  It went on smoothy though and was easy to blend.  I had to put a little powder over it to get better coverage.

With just one shade available, I believe since this is Korean based, the color seemed to be more well matched on yellow-toned skin.  Maybe not the best bet for paler skin tones.  It’s important to note that with an SPF of 45 and UVA and UVB protection, you are getting bang for your buck.  I noticed it stayed on throughout the day, although I felt a little oily later on (I have combination skin).

Stila $38.00

Almost the complete opposite of Dr. Jart’s consistancy, Stila’s BB cream had a very thin consistency. Almost a watery texture with a light pleasant scent.  At first glance, the one shade fits all looked very orange, but after blending it in, I felt it matched perfectly on my skin.  I think the shade would work on a wide spectrum of skin tones.  Surprisingly, as light as it was, it had great coverage, I didn’t feel like I needed additional concealer.  It stayed on very well throughout the day and I didn’t feel oily, but instead, had a nice dewy look.

The downside is that there is no sun protection but the cream does claim to have antioxidant components to it.  You weigh the trade off.

Maybelline $8.99

This is the only drugstore brand I tried and I was very curious to see how it stacked up against the premium brands which was on average $30 bucks more!  And surprisingly, this held up VERY well!  Unlike the other brands, this one had options as far as shades.  5 total!  I got the light/medium and it went perfectly with my skin.  The consistency wasn’t too thick or watery.  I felt like it blurred my pores well and I didn’t have to use additional concealer.  I’ve read that some people thought it was too chalky on their skin, but I didn’t feel that at all.  Maybe this wouldn’t be best for people with super dry skin, but I felt like it kept my oil in control all day without being too drying.  Another bonus is 30 SPF.

Dior (Diorsnow UV Shield) $50.00

Of the samples I’ve tried, Dior was definitely the most expensive by far.  Boosted by Icelandic glacial water and Dior’s exclusive transparency-enhancing complex, this BB cream is no joke.  Not sure if I was already biased because of the price, but I was thoroughly impressed.  Consistency was on the thinner part, but I felt that it had great coverage and blend.  I felt my skin tone was a tad lighter than normal but not in the way where the makeup didn’t blend well with my skintone, but more like a reduction in my dark spots.  It also lasted well throughout the day. Also worth mentioning is UV protection and SPF 50.


I feel like for the price, Maybelline is probably the best pick if you are a BB Cream amateur.  I don’t believe it has the fancy antioxidants and anti aging components to maybe justify the cost of the other BB Creams, but if you want great coverage and sun protection for great deal, I highly recommend this one.  If you want to splurge a little, I would go with the Dior.  The mid priced ones aren’t worth it if you can just spend a bit more for smoother coverage and better sun protection!