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I loveeee me a good steak, especially with all the great Chicago steakhouses around me. But sometimes, I like to enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. You’d be surprised what a good frying pan and nice chunk of meat can get ya! Here are some good tips I’ve found to make yourself that perfect steak.

1. Get a good quality steak. I know that’s a duh, but getting a cut over another to save yourself a few bucks will definitely be regrettable. I like the rib-eye because of the marbling and fat around it. Keeps the meat nice and juicy during cooking.

2. An hour or so (1 hour for 1 inch of thickness and so on) before cooking, take your steak out and season with lots of coarse sea salt. This is super important as salt brings the water out from the meat, breaking down the protein and improves the texture of it. Make sure you pat it dry before cooking. Many people make the mistake of seasoning right before cooking.  You are basically steaming your meat when you cook it if you do that.

3. When you’re ready to cook, heat up your pan to the highest setting. I like to add a little tad of oil to the pan but that’s just me. Clean off your meat of the coarse salt and then season with whatever you want. My favorite is Lawry’s and some salt and pepper.

4. A great trick from famed chef Alain Ducasse, is to hold the steak with tongs on it’s side so the fatty part is on the pan. Let the yummy fat heat off of the steak and onto your pan before putting the whole thing on it.

5. When you are done, leave it on the pan for awhile (it will continue cooking so turn off the flame before the desired temperature is reached). Swirl some butter onto the pan. Plate then voila! HEAVEN!