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I’m not a huge beer drinker, but lately, I’ve been loving Lindemans Lambic Belgium beers.  It’s so light and fruity tasting, it definitely doesn’t feel like I’m drinking beer.   More like a delicious soda!  Definitely what you would call a “girly” beer.

Lambic beer is brewed traditionally in Belgium and is produced by spontaneous fermentation which gives the beer it’s distinctive dry and tart-like taste.

Fruit lambics are very popular and the US is Lindeman’s biggest foreign market.  Flavors include Lambic Framboise (raspberry), Kriek (sour cherry), Pecheresse (peach), Cassis (blackcurrent), and Pomme (apple).   My fave right now is the Peche.  It’s peachy, fuzzy and bubbly.  Super refreshing and light on the alcohol so you can drink a lot of it or enjoy it with your meal.

Most major liquor stores should carry Lindemans….I get mine at my local Binny’s!  Have you tried it?