Sally Hansen Salon Effects


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How long does your regular nail polish usually last you?   5 days?  Max?  I know mine starts chipping after a few days.  Well have no fear, Sally Hansen is coming to the rescue!















I may be a little late to the trend, but last week, I tried Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish strips for the first time.  So easy to put on!  They give you a few different sizes so you will be able to fit them onto your nails no matter how large or small they may be.  Once they’re on, you sort of file around the “sticker” and the excess comes off smoothly.

I have to say, doing my nails was sort of relaxing for the first time.  No drying time and no hard focus to make sure the paint goes on even.  Took 10 mins and voila…done!  No drying!


So far it’s been a week and they still look great.  Just a few minor chips and the regular nail growth.  They were 9.99 at CVS (sort of pricey), but I was able to get more on Amazon for about $4 bucks!  Totally worth it.  The downside is the lack of options.  At least for me, some of the designs were sort of meh.  I’m not a fan of skulls or butterflies on my nails, but if you look hard, you can find more subtle and contemporary designs.  Mine was called “The Bold Rush”  It’s a gold to purple ombre.



Lauren Conrad’s New Bridesmaid Line


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So everybody’s (maybe not) favorite MTV reality show alumni Lauren Conrad is doing pretty well post-“Hills” with her own fashion line, Paper Crown.  With her own wedding coming up, “LC” has designed her very own bridesmaids’ line!

I actually love her style.  It’s very simple and clean.  Lots of pastels and nudes.  Her bridesmaid line actually falls in pretty close to that.  There are some hits and a few misses, but price-wise, I think some of the dresses look a lot cheaper.  I guess you’re buying the “name”, but when it comes to bridesmaids…who cares.  It’s all about the BRIDE! hehe

Check out my hits and misses:

LOVE! Whimsical and love the soft colors.  (Hannah dress $298)



HATE.  Maybe for a casual summer BBQ, but shapeless and way overpriced.  (Jeannie Dress $220)br09_navy_front

I feel like this would only look good on a certain body type.   Otherwise, anyone else would look like a 4 tiered wedding cake.  (Meghan dress $325)



My fave! So elegant and romantic.  I would totally be happy wearing this as a bridesmaid and then shorten it to wear again!  (Maura Dress $325)br13_front

And just for kicks, here’s what I had my ‘maids wear at my wedding this past June…different variations of Ivy and Aster social dresses in Coral.













I think they turned out beautifully if I do say so myself!  :)  


Picture Credits: Ivy and Aster, Paper Crown and Timeless Pixx




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Tanta is a Peruvian fusion hot spot in the River North area of Chicago. The space is clean, clever and unassuming.   Food was flavor overload but in a good way.  I could definitely taste the Asian influences but could never pinpoint exactly what it was. Tanta kept me guessing.  And the best part always…dessert! Passionfruit cheesecake and a sort of key lime pie deconstructed.  It.was.divine.  Tanta isnt cheap, but it is worth it especially if the party shares! I will be back to try their pisco sour!

Bistro Campagne


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Sometimes, I forget how much I love French food…maybe because its not often that I eat it ($$$).  Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square is a great hidden gem. Far from the glitz and glamour of downtown eating, its a romantic and cozy spot.

Food wise, Bistro is above and beyond.  I had the French Onion soup, escargot in garlic Pernod butter and Magret de Canard (seared duck breast) as my entree. Everything was perfectly seasoned and rich.  Dipping their bread in the remnants of the garlic butter from the snails was the greatest suggestion by our friendly waiter. My duck was the perfect medium rare and delectable with the plum butter sauce. 

I love French cuisine and Bistro Campagne is one of my faves in the city so far. Totally worth the $$$.


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